Photoshop Tutorial – 20 Clip Studio Paint (Manga Studio 5) Best Features that make it better than Adobe Photoshop

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Official webinar hosted by Clip Studio Paint (Manga Studio 5), Graphixly, and Wacom. I who you how to use the 20+ tricks in Clip Studio Paint that make it a better graphics art program than Adobe Photoshop for digital drawing and freelance art creation.

I’ll show you how to:
• How to use the new custom pallete
• How to use Reference Layers to quickly color comic book art
• How to usse Half-Tone layers for t-shirt design
• How to use the new Contour Line Paint tool
• How to use File Objects for repeated artwork
• Take advantage of Vector layers
• How to use the 3D objects and mannequins
• How to use the many Rulers, including the symmetrical rulers
• How to use the Smarter Magic wand and Fill Bucket tools
• How to mesh transform multiple layers at once (like the liquify tool)
• Using the lasso fill tool!
•And more!

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