AON – UNBOXING: Vintage Style CELTIC T-SHIRTS – Teespring vs Printful side-by-side comparison

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AON – UNBOXING: Vintage Style CELTIC T-SHIRTS – Teespring vs Printful side-by-side comparison

We’ve collected some of the best tutorials on how you can increase revenue using the teespring platform to design shirts and other items. The content belongs to it’s original poster, please be sure to check out their youtube channel.

To celebrate my new line of CELTIC T-SHIRTS we’re going to UNBOX some shirts together! Get ready for yummy close-up shots of the artwork on the shirts, sizing tips, and more! I’ve also ordered samples from both Teespring and Printful so we can compare the quality of both.

Sizing and fit discussion: @ 10m:54s

Like the shirts??
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*PS I mentioned in the video that I wanted to compare shipping times as well… the Printful shirt packages all came about a week faster than the Teespring ones. 🙂

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All tools below are what I prefer to use in my own work. Feel free to use these to jumpstart ideas for you own Celtic art toolkit!

DRAWING PENCILS: A good range in lead weights gives you flexibility. For example, if you find a normal pencil draws too darkly and is a pain to erase, try a 2H or 4H, which will draw a lighter, more “silver” line, as opposed to something softer like a 2B or 4B, etc. Using “artist” quality pencils typically means less lead breakage and less “catching” on the paper.

ERASERS: I prefer to erase with a white vinyl eraser. It is SO much better than a pink pearl type eraser (just burn that pink eraser, it’s garbage! LOL). The white vinyl type is gentle on your paper and erases more cleanly.

INK OUTLINING: Consider using a pigmented black ink for fine art as they are considered archival in quality. I love the Staedtler brand for my outlining. I tend to use all the different tip thicknesses – think for main outlines, and then down to the fine for details.

COLOR OUTLINING: Choose finer quality color pens so they are less likely to bleed or fade. Staedtler is again my go-to choice for these.

COLORED PENCILS: I’m a snob and really love Faber-Castell (although a few shades I have are Derwent).
That said, for bang-for-buck I have to hand it to Prismacolor. It is still a decent colored pencil and the price can’t be beat.


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