Clean Your ROOMS !!!

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Clean Your ROOMS !!!

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What a mess! The kids’ rooms have become so messy lately that Lucy just had to take a day to help Addy and Maya clean them out. Closets, bookshelves, bathrooms, and more. It’s all just such a disaster!

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Music credits:
Baseline Jam – Air Kid
Boardroom Daydream – Bright Seed
Distant Shore – Tide Electric
Fireflies – Tide Electric
First And Final – Sounds Like Sander
Hipster Hookup – Echobody
Like A Wildfire – Violet Island
Onwards – Tide Electric
Rollerskate World – The Night Driver
Sunshine Sally – Mikey Geiger
Time Again – Aaron Sprinkle
Ventura – Morgan Taylor
Where We Belong – Eko