FASTEST New World ENGINEERING Skill Leveling Guide – Level 1-200 Tips

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FASTEST New World ENGINEERING Skill Leveling Guide – Level 1-200 Tips

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FASTEST New World ENGINEERING Skill Leveling Guide – Level 1-200 Tips!
👉 Saltpeter Farming Route:
This New World guide explains the fastest way to level up the Engineering skill from level 1-200 in the most efficient way possible. This beginners guide to levelling the engineering skill is very important to do at the start of the game for increasing your gathering speed which effects how fast you get experience while harvesting materials since it allows you to craft steel tools that allows you to chop trees and mine faster which will let you level up faster due to the increased xp farming. This is a great crafting starter guide and introduction to the Engineering skill in general. I’ll be showing you most effective farming locations for all the crafting materials needed to craft gunpowder; including how to get saltpeter, charcoal and flint fast and the best farming spots to visit. For more helpful New World leveling guides and tips and tricks for fast levelling skills or farming locations and where to find the best weapons and armor for the best New World build guide make sure you subscribe.

👉 Arcana Skill Guide:
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➖ Time Stamps ➖
0:00 Engineering Skill Summery
0:41 The best item to craft for levelling
2:25 How to get flint
4:13 How to get charcoal
5:34 How to get Saltpeter
6:44 Crafting Gunpowder
7:18 Why not craft Weak Proficiency boosters?
9:04 Should you sell Gunpowder?
10:11 Upgrade gathering equipment

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