Photoshop Tutorial – How to convert a Portrait photo into a Landscape | Adobe Photoshop Tutorial (Easy & Solved!)

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In this photoshop tutorial video, learn how to convert your portrait image with SOLID background into a landscape image in just ONE minute tutorial using Adobe photoshop cc 2015.


Making a Landscape image into a Portrait is very easy task, but do you ever having a problem in converting a Portrait image into a landscape one?? We all require landscape image for Wallpapers, Social media uploads and even for Youtube Videos. So how can it be done Easy, Quick and Effectively??
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Attention! : This trick works best if you have a photo with a SOLID background. So please make sure your photo has a background like the clear Sky, Plain wall or any less detailed background otherwise image may has distortions.

Here you can see one of the easiest uses of ‘Content Aware scale’ option to change the orientation of the image.
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