How To Create a Custom Vignette Photoshop Tutorial with Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) Options

Photoshop Tutorial – How To Create a Custom Vignette Photoshop Tutorial with Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) Options

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This free Photoshop tutorial will cover Adobe PS CC 2020 ACR, (Adobe Camera Raw) and Lightroom options. This in-depth, free video tut effect course will cover beginner to intermediate approaches to creating custom vignettes. Part of the Master to Beginner series, this part of the class material will help you to understand and master vignettes, as well as create drama and mood in your landscape images and portrait photography. Creative approaches are covered as well as the phycological reason vignettes are used on most modern landscape and portrait photography.

Lesson 1: Photoshop Beginner to Master Course Overview

Lesson 2: Photoshop Tools Panel and Settings Overview

Lesson 3: Opening RAW files and importing them into Photoshop

Lesson 4: Introduction to Layers

Lesson 5: Understanding and Using Adjustment Layers

Lesson 6: Making Selections and the Selection Tool options in Photoshop

Lesson 7: Layer Masks – Understanding and using them

Lesson 8a: Brush Settings – Brush Use – Custom Layer Masks using the Brush Tool

Lesson 8b: Creating Custom Brush Shapes and Texture Brushes

Lesson 9: Avoiding Color Shifts, Color Spaces Explained: Srgb, RGB, and ProPhoto

Lesson 10: Post Processing Workflow (Order of Steps)

Lesson 11: Removing People, Distractions, and Objects from an image

Lesson 12: Understanding Curves and Adjusting Image Exposure

Lesson 13: Large Area Tonal Balance + Double Processing for Increased Dynamic Range

Lesson 14: Dodging and Burning in Photoshop and Lightroom

Lesson 15: Color Adjustments -Balancing and Correcting Colors in Landscape Images

Lesson 16: Color Effects – Split Toning and Color Washes

Lesson 17: Replace / Change the Color of an Object

Lesson 18: Gradients and Gradient Maps

Lesson 19: Filters – Faking Bokeh, Selective Blurring, and the Orton Effect

Lesson 20 and 21: Noise Reduction and Sharpening Master Class

Lesson 22: Vignettes – Custom and Automated options in Photoshop, ACR, and Lightroom