How To Make Clip Studio Paint Brushes Feel like Photoshop's Basic Round Brushes

Photoshop Tutorial – How To Make Clip Studio Paint Brushes Feel like Photoshop's Basic Round Brushes

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Painting in Clip Studio Paint after using Photoshop might feel very different. You can make brushes in Clip Studio Paint that feel like Photoshop’s basic hard and soft round brush. How to make these brushes is what I show you in this video.
I use these adjusted brushes to paint my digital paintings because they are easier to handle, so coloring and painting with them is more smoother and enjoyable.

How to make CSP brushes to feel like Photoshop’s brushes:
– To make the brush you will need to make a copy of Clip Studio’s soft airbrush and adjust its settings (this will ensure you get a round brush) 1:07
– Make your “Tool property” palette and “Sub Tool Detail” palette visible (From top menu select: Window / Tool property and Sub Tool Detail) 02:02
In Sub Tool Detail palette set the followings:
– Anti-aliasing: weak 3:25
– Brush tip: deselect “Adjust brush density by gap” to make a hard brush or leave it selected for a soft brush 5:15
– Stroke: Set gap option to narrow (this will make the brush stroke look smooth) 6:32

Bonus: enable your brush to blend colors while painting at the ink settings. Select “Mix Ground Color” to use this cool Clip Studio Paint function. 8:20

If you have any questions let me know in the comments!
Have fun painting in Clip STudio Paint (Manga Studio).

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