How To Make Money with Teespring – EASY

Selling On Teespring

How To Make Money with Teespring – EASY

We’ve collected some of the best tutorials on how you can increase revenue using the teespring platform to design shirts and other items. The content belongs to it’s original poster, please be sure to check out their youtube channel.

How To Make Money with Teespring – EASY


How To Make Money with Teespring – EASY to get if you follow this strategy.

Teespring has a Trust Score feature that tracks how many sales your account has. The higher the Trust Score, the more organic traffic your Teespring campaigns will receive from Teespring marketing. The only way to build your Trust Score is to get sales, and the sooner you can do this the better.

I hope this video helps you guys learn how to get the first sales on Teespring!
check check one two three four how’s it going everybody it is mr. black
Blackbird here and I wanted to make a video on how to make money with
designing t-shirts and putting them up on teespring quick little thing
I’m just going to show you it’s actually pretty easy the only thing you
might need to have is basically Photoshop and get Photoshop from the
Adobe store I think I can put a link down in the bottom if you just
wanna go check it out if you are a student you can use your student ID
from like your college or whatever and you can get like a pretty good
discount I think it’s a thing goes from like 29 to like nine bucks a
month if you do like the Creative Cloud Commons thing for it so it’s not
bad it’s pretty cheap I used I use my old one and it still works so why
not so yeah it’s just go be calm creative Creative Cloud suite and it’s
like you don’t beat platform or whatever so let’s go and I’m going to
keep my computer and I will show you what we have to do here to make
some designs and put them up on teespring and go all about that to make
you some extra money all right here we go so here’s teespring this is
the website just go to teespring comm they have actual stuff you can go
through and buy like you can just go through here and find out other
like t-shirts and things other people have made and just viola some of
them get I’ll look at that America I like that one so a lot of them just
have little sayings little things like that wouldn’t some lose some dim
sum that’s and then they gather other ones that they have on here
different categories different things you can just tons of things so
yeah you can go patriotic and go holiday you can go hoodies pocket tees
leggings you can buy leggings if you’re a woman you just want to try
this out and get some differ you make your lane and then like make a
design and they’ll print them out and send to you so why not like some
of these look I don’t know they don’t Coral honey look because
mathematics on Ling’s is that that’d be a nice little cute laying thing
for a girl sorry I’m kind of a geek for some reason that mapping just
kind of popped up there I don’t know about those yeah the camel ones was
pretty good too 45 bucks you make your own ones or just use theirs and
buy them you can get your own lucky charm ones you just make room for
anything and they’re up here you can get by so home decor you need
pillows and your socks and the phone cases if you want to make your own
phone cases and sell them you can do that accessories like where’s the
beach towels flags don’ts other stuff like that mugs you can make mugs
there’s another place I can show you to make months later on but either
way books like you can make them see don’t get a sip okay [Music] stuff
like that so you can make these some on here or just make them buy them
for yourself because you’ll it’ll give you the option to do it when
you’re setting up the account so basically go to teespring comm you
click on the top and the corner and say you want to login if you don’t
have a login it’ll ask you to sign up and you either make an email
create one log on with your Gmail login with your Facebook one of the
two it’ll happen for you so you have an account so let’s say let’s go
start designing okay top there you can click this and sometimes you will
get this just weird non images for this thing popping up here usually is
a design launcher that pops up that says do you want to use the old word
or the new very Oh went to a veal too far but usually um the easiest way
I do this is do different discounts promo codes okay you get a promo
code well you can create a part more code the cell anyways we’ll get to
that in a minute so here are the t-shirts that you’re going to be doing
socks this is what you’re going to design basically you want to do a
sweatshirt a hoodie or something like that and I make one holiday
actually so some of them don’t even have the pictures of the pictures
are not loading I’m not sure it could just be my internet or something