How to Photoshop Yourself to "Perfection" | TECH TALK

Photoshop Tutorial – How to Photoshop Yourself to "Perfection" | TECH TALK

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Ever wonder How To Photoshop Yourself to Perfection? In this Tech Talk video, I break it down from retouching skin to making ya waist SNATCHED. Pro tip: make editing easier by taking fab photos with my fave tech gear found here:

I’m demonstrating on Photoshop Creative Cloud and using the clone tool, healing tool, liquify and many more. The reason I’m sharing this with you is to dispel this whole “perfection” image. Photos are half truths. I’m tired of seeing lies! Everyone needs to know that the images you see on television, magazines, billboards and now instagram are being manipulated. With so many retouching apps and programs we all can be perfect…JK. It’s called FACETUNE for everyone out there looking to retouch their pics. Don’t feel bad. We’re all perfectly flawed 🙂

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