How To Start A Print On Demand Business With Wix

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How To Start A Print On Demand Business With Wix

We’ve collected some of the best tutorials on how you can increase revenue using the teespring platform to design shirts and other items. The content belongs to it’s original poster, please be sure to check out their youtube channel.

Start Your Wix Website:
Wix Font Pairings:
Pick A Colour Palette:
Get Your Store Policy:

In this video, I will be showing you step by step how to start a print on demand website using the website builder Wix. Print on demand is a really great and cheap way to start a business as you do not need to worry about holding any inventory or shipping item’s to your customer as this is a fulfilled by a third party company.

Wix is a cheaper alternative to getting started with print on demand compared to the usual method of using Shopify and Printful. Start your print on demand website with Wix today!

00:02:48 – Website Preview
00:05:00 – Picking Products for your site
00:11:32 – Picking A Brand Name
00:18:55 – Creating A Logo
00:26:00 – Signing Up For Wix
00:28:55 – Picking A Theme
00:32:54 – Wix Editor Features Explained
00:36:23 – Design Inspiration For Your Site
00:41:47 – Add Wix Art Store To Your Site
00:45:37 – Finding Designs For Your Products
00:48:50 – Adding Products & Pricing To Your Store
00:51:57 – Adding Business Information To Your Store
00:53:47 – Creating A Header For Your Store
00:58:26 – Changing Gallery Layout
01:00:19 – Adding An About Us Section
01:09:00 – Adding An Email Optin To Your Store
01:14:15 – Creating A Footer For Your Store
01:19:38 – Adding An FAQ Page To Your Store
01:30:27 – Adding A Contact Us Page To Your Store
01:34:33 – Adding A Shipping & Returns Page
01:43:11 – Adding A Store Policy
01:47:07 – Designing Your Site For Mobile
01:55:30 – Connecting Your Domain
02:01:12 – Publishing Your Store
02:02:36 – Wix Dashboard Overview
02:07:14 – Goodbye

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