Living in an SUV and a Tent! SUV Minimalist Tour

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Living in an SUV and a Tent! SUV Minimalist Tour

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Today Lesa gives us an update and we take a look at her new SUV set up! Lesa has lived in several other vehicles but found that living in an SUV is the best fit for her! She now lives in a 2002 Grand Cherokee Laredo.

Lesa enjoys living as a minimalist! Is living with less something you have been thinking about? If so, start out by getting rid of things or having a yard sale! Living with less helps her save money and gives her more freedom ! Lesa has found that a smaller vehicle has forced her to live outside more , which she prefers. Having fewer things helps to free her up to focus on other things that she enjoys doing.

You don’t need to have a lot of money to start your life as nomad! I hope Lesa has inspired you to start out in what ever you have!
You can see more from Lesa on her YouTube Channel:


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