My official merchandise on Teespring

Selling On Teespring

My official merchandise on Teespring

We’ve collected some of the best tutorials on how you can increase revenue using the teespring platform to design shirts and other items. The content belongs to it’s original poster, please be sure to check out their youtube channel.

Took the whole day today and opened my new store on Teepring. Really fun and had a great time coming up with ideas for apparel. If you get a chance stop and check it out at

Teespring Custom T-Shirts‎‎
Shirts Created for Things You Care About. 1000s of Designs. Shop Now! Hoodies. For Men And Women. Steps: Creators Design & Launch Products, Order Your Product, We Make It And Ship Your Product.
How does Teespring work?
Teespring is a free platform that lets you create and sell over 20 kinds of products with no upfront cost or risk. We handle everything, from printing to shipping to customer service. Teespring is for everyone—from entrepreneurs looking to start their own online business, to Creators wanting to offer awesome merch to their fans, to charities looking for a hassle-free way to raise funds, and everyone in between.

Why use Teespring?
Our goal is to empower anyone, anywhere to turn their ideas into products, brands, and businesses. That’s why we take the hassle out of online selling—Teesprings helps you each step of the way from product creation, online selling, order fulfillment, to customer service. Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll get with Teespring:

Product Creation
Design, create and sell products for free with Teespring. You can use our tools to create custom designs or upload your own designs in the Teespring Launcher.

Selling Tools
Use Teespring tools like stores, promotion codes, buyer messaging, and more to maximize your sales! We can even list your products within the most powerful global marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and more through Teespring’s Boosted Network.

Order Fulfillment
Once a buyer places an order we’ll take care of order production and shipping for you and add the profits to the Payouts section of your Teespring account.

Customer Service
Teespring has some of the highest customer ratings in the industry. Let our customer support team take care of your buyers while you focus on selling. We’re good at it!
How much do products cost?
Teespring is 100% free to use. You set the selling price and keep 100% of the profit. For example, the base price for a t-shirt is $10 and you choose to sell it for $24, you would keep $14 in profit.

Product prices are not impacted by the number of colors in your design or the number of items sold per listing. Keep in mind there are two factors that can impact the base price of Teespring products:

Whether the design is single or double-sided—i.e. printing on front and back of a garment (can increase base price)
Pricing Discount—i.e. the number of items you sold in the previous month can reduce base price following month
Below you’ll find a breakdown of all Teespring’s products prices. Some products feature special discounts based on your monthly product sales while others feature flat pricing.

What is teespring?

Teespring is a POD (Print-On-Demand) platform where you can design t-shirts and other products Such as : Socks, Mugs, and Hoodies etc. Teespring was founded by Walker Williams and Evan Stites-Clayon in Providence, Rhode Island in 2012.

You just Have to design products on Teespring while other things like Printing and shipping will be done by the Company. This is the big Plus point for sellers because they don’t have to buy a bunch of shirts or other products they wanted to sell.

How Teespring Works :
First of all, it will ask you to create an account which is not a big problem. It will just ask about your Name, Email, and Password simple. While setting up your account they will not ask you for a payment method or to start creating your first design. After setting up your account they will ask you to pick up your canvas as “Pick Your Canvas”. There will be a number of options you can choose you can create unique/clever designs on a wide variety of items including:

Beach Towels
Wall Tapestry
Canvas Prints
Phone Cases
Posters (12″x24″) & (24″x36″)
Indoor Pillows
Tote Bags
Teespring is famous because of the t-shirts that’s why in this article we are going to focus on t-shirts.

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About Teespring T-Shirts :
If you don’t know how to design t-shirts on Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop etc. I definitely recommend checking out Teespring’s online designer because they offer you to design a t-shirt on their own platform.

Once you complete designing t-shirt on Teespring, they will let you set the price for how much you want to sell the shirt for. You can set the price for whatever you want. May be you have a clever design and people want a shirt made by you, so you could set your price at $50.
Once, you give campaign name on your new shirt design and set the price of the shirt, give the t-shirt description and must create a custom URL for people to visit. Take some time with this.