QUICKLY Fix Skin Tones in Photoshop! POWERFUL Photoshop Curves Adjustment Hack

Photoshop Tutorial – QUICKLY Fix Skin Tones in Photoshop! POWERFUL Photoshop Curves Adjustment Hack

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to Fix Skin Tones in Photoshop!

This powerful Photoshop trick will allow you to get perfect skin tones with just one click!

This trick will use an advanced sampling method. You will use the eyedropper tool in the Curves Adjustment Layer to apply a custom skin color sample to your portrait.

It may sound complicated, but with this technique, you will be able to color correct skin in just a few quick steps!

This is the perfect technique to use when you need to correct and fix skin tones, to dial in the perfect look for your portraits!

📘 INDEX – Fix Skin Tones in Photoshop!
00:00 – Introduction
01:35 – Organize the Photoshop Document
03:31 – Curves Eyedropper Explanation
04:45 – Custom Colors With The Curves Eyedropper
06:46 – Save the Free Skin Tone CC Library
07:31 – Apply a Skin Color Correction with One-Click!
08:44 – Fine-Tune the Skin Color Correction
10:26 – Using the Dark Skin Tone Color Swatches
12:08 – Control the Skin Tone Brightness
13:48 – Add a New Color Swatch To Your Library
14:25 – Compare the Final Skin Tone RGB Values


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Free Skin Color CC Library
► https://photoshoptrainingchannel.com/fix-skin-tones-in-photoshop/

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