Removing Banding from Digital Images with Photoshop

Photoshop Tutorial – Removing Banding from Digital Images with Photoshop

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Mirrorless cameras (regardless of brand) use the image sensor as the autofocus sensor. While older cameras only used contrast-detection systems based on the sensor pixels themselves, newer cameras incorporate an array of phase-detection sensors on the sensor. In infrared images, it’s possible to see faint artifacts of the array appear as banding in your image. This is particularly true for cameras that have been converted to capture the infrared spectrum.

Removing banding artifacts can be really challenging, and I don’t worry about it in most images unless the bands are blatantly obvious. I experimented with a variety of noise removal techniques to remove banding from my images, with varying degrees of success. Later, while doing some reading up on noise removal and skin smoothing, I discovered a technique for Adobe Photoshop that does a remarkable job at removing banding artifacts from digital images.

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