Screen Printing: Fun Experimental 3 Color Halftone On Black T-Shirts

Photoshop Tutorial – Screen Printing: Fun Experimental 3 Color Halftone On Black T-Shirts

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This is a fun experimental video using art from Mike Wrigley of Nameless City Apparel. He is a screen printing artist in the UK. He set up this very detailed 3 color halftone for dark garments. He specializes in horror themed artwork and usually works in water based and discharge inks. So this design was highly experimental in that we pushed the limits of what 3 screens can do. In doing so it was a very unusual print process and not something I would recommend for actual production. If you wanted to print this efficiently, we would have to add a couple of more screens. We might need 2 to 3 more. But this is a very cool example of how you can maximize creativity with a 2 color or 4 color press. It’s also a great example of on press creativity and how thinking outside the box can have wonderful results. Remember, in the end there is no wrong way to screen print if the print looks great. But with commercial printing we would want to be able to print a job as fast as possible because time is money. So never promise to print something like this on larger volume print orders. It will just simply be a major pain…LOL 😉 I tried very hard to get some decent photos of this print to show in the video but I think it looks much better in person. The dot is crisp and clear at the top of the head and there is no discernible moiré pattern. Come along for a screen printing journey with Catspit Productions, LLC. Enjoy and thanks for watching!

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