Tacx Flux 2 Trainer Review (2020/2.1 Edition) // Details, Tested, Accuracy

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Tacx Flux 2 Trainer Review (2020/2.1 Edition) // Details, Tested, Accuracy

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In-Depth Review: https://dcra.in/TacxFlux2Part2
Flux 2 on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2C8pyIy (link helps support the channel, thanks!!!)
Trainer & Chill: https://teespring.com/new-trainer-chill?tsmac=store&tsmic=dc-rainmaker&pid=373&cid=100039

The Tacx Flux 2.1 is an updated variant of the original Tacx Flux 2. This update includes not only software components, but also different internal hardware that is designed to make it more accurate. The question is – does it fix the original issues I saw? I dive deep on this one – hold onto your handlebars!

0:00 Intro & History
1:10 The specifics of the Flux 2.1
2:16 Overall Specs
3:08 Setup Basics
4:15 Road Feel & Zwift
5:42 Noise Levels
7:56 ERG Mode & TrainerRoad
9:36 Power Accuracy
10:50 Abnormalities
12:16 Is it a good value?
13:12 To buy or not buy?

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