Teespring: 2 Ways to Find the Font Name of a Design

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Teespring: 2 Ways to Find the Font Name of a Design

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**ANOTHER GOOD SITE TO USE TO CHECK FONT: https://www.fontspring.com/matcherator – this one has been very accurate for me so far

The 1st step: 0:26

The 1st site to identify the font: 1:36

Where to download a font you like: 3:56

The 2nd site to identify the font: 6:00

How to download the font you like and use in Photoshop: 7:25

What’s up?!?

In this video, I share with you 2 websites I use to find the exact name of cool fonts that I find online. So if I stroll through teeview.org, or any other site that I use to gather ideas (like we did in this video where I go over some sites you can use: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lN6Bt_9JqF0&list=PLS46f4aLJ2hMNMNXyVvnxJOTWFn7wprKI&index=5&t=25s) and find a really cool font that I like, I can use these 2 sites to find out the name of the font so that I could use it as well in my own designs!

The first thing you should do is of course pick out your font. I then screenshot the design of that font, paste it into PowerPoint, and crop out the irrelevant parts, and save it as picture. This picture I then upload to the first site so I could get the name of the font…

The first name of the site is: https://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/.

Here, you just literally upload your image with the text on it, write down what some of the letters are that are highlighted, and the site will generate a list of possible fonts for you! Very simple, but a disclaimer – not every font will be available here and not every time that you input your image will the site properly tell you what it is. So just keep trying and most of the time, the site will work!

Also, even if you aren’t able to find your font this way, you can always post your font in the forum where the ‘geeks’ will tell you what it is, or ask a professional. Either way, all these options are available within the site.

The name of the second site is: http://www.identifont.com/.

On this site, you would need to answer a series of questions about your font for these guys to tell you what exact font that is. Again, may not be 100% accurate, but better than nothing and gets you closer to your goal!

If you actually do find the font name you like and want to use it, just go to dafont.com and type in the name of your font on the right hand side. If the library of fonts contains your font, then you will be able to use it and download it! Simply click on the font you want, open it in your folder and download. That is it – now that font should show up in your Photoshop! You MAY need to close off and reopen your Photoshop for it to work, but that’s as much work you need to do as it gets.

That’s it!

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