Teespring Facebook Image Ads

Selling On Teespring

Teespring Facebook Image Ads

We’ve collected some of the best tutorials on how you can increase revenue using the teespring platform to design shirts and other items. The content belongs to it’s original poster, please be sure to check out their youtube channel.

Stand out from the rest by adding compelling text to your t-shirt mockups and advertising on Facebook: https://goo.gl/x8fgQV . Don’t forget to visit Placeit’s Facebook Ads Gallery where you will be able to choose t-shirts mockups that matches your target market: https://goo.gl/dNKhfj

Here’s How to Create a Teespring Facebook Ad in 6 Easy Steps:
1. Choose a Facebook Ad Template in Placeit.net.
2. Upload your T-shirt design in PNG or JPEG format.
3. Choose the T-shirt color that matches your Teespring Campaign’s T-shirt.
4. Type your special offer’s details in.
5. Hit download and upload your new ad image to the Facebook Ads Manager.