VLOG June 19 2017 – Facebook Advertising – Teespring & Teechip – Fiverr

Selling On Teespring

VLOG June 19 2017 – Facebook Advertising – Teespring & Teechip – Fiverr

We’ve collected some of the best tutorials on how you can increase revenue using the teespring platform to design shirts and other items. The content belongs to it’s original poster, please be sure to check out their youtube channel.

Digital T-Shirt Shop – i decided to test t-shirt sales on a teechip.com campaign combined with facebook advertising while using Fiverr.com to have someone design your item.

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Digital T-Shirt Shop is a business start up. It was started for the purpose of walking people through what it is like to start a business. As part of the business, we are answering questions such as: What did we need to do to start the business? What type of effort was required? What challenges did we face? Were we profitable? How long did it take to make money? What worked and what didn’t work? How did we market our business? What platforms did we use to sell our product? What were our expenses? We are sharing all the fine details of our business down to our income and expenses in order to paint a realistic real-life understanding of the sacrifices entrepreneurs make to achieve success. Do you want to start a business? You may enjoy following our journey.

Follow us as we strive to achieve our goal of achieving T-Shirt Glory. (Hitting our sales goals)

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