Adobe XD to WordPress

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Adobe XD to WordPress

The whole process of converting an Adobe XD design into a WordPress website. The process for developing a full website on WordPress, including converting all images from Adobe XD, making sure it’s a responsive website, and integrated with the WordPress CMS WordPress.

This tutorial adobe XD WordPress will cover developing that over 4-5 hours, and we cover every aspect along the way. We will start with an Adobe XD design for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile, with the home page and subpages, and see exactly what is required to build all the elements out.

This is how we do a wordpress theme development 2020 for those who are just learning, as well as using all the elements such as HTML, CSS, and making sure the UI and UX work as well as adding in animation and JavaScript, js.

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:00:43 – Part 1: Adobe XD Design Review and Installation
00:08:30 – Part 2: Setting up WordPress and Theme
00:13:10 – Part 3: Header
00:56:50 – Part 4: Home – Call to Action
01:13:55 – Part 5: Home – Responsive Design
01:47:00 – Part 6: Home – About Section
02:13:03 – Part 7: Home – Join Our Community Section
02:30:25 – Part 8: Home – Our Collections Section
03:08:50 – Part 9: Home – My Island Section
03:52:58 – Part 10: Home – Testimonials Section
04:22:56 – Part 10: Footer
04:44:48 – Conclusion

This is part of a series, and the next video can be found here which is:
Adobe XD to WordPress | Part 2

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