WordPress Tutorials: How to Add Columns to WordPress Posts | WordPress Tutorial

How to Add Columns to WordPress Posts | WordPress Tutorial

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Finally! After more than a decade, WordPress now gives us an easy option to include multi-column layouts within our posts. Here’s how…

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The Gutenberg editor brought a standardized way of including content into posts via blocks. One of these new blocks is the column block. Using the column block, you can easily insert a layout of up to six columns anywhere within a post or page.

As for the content within each column, you can use any other Gutenberg block you’d like. This means you can create multi-column designs with images, headings, lists, even shortcodes.

The one thing that annoys me about the column block is that it is hard to select. The trick is to click on the six-dot icon to the left of the block. Then you can easily reorder it or adjust the number of columns.