WordPress Tutorials: How to Create Google Web Stories: Full Tutorial

How to Create Google Web Stories: Full Tutorial

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See all the tips and tricks for creating Google Web Stories with the WordPress plugin.
Google’s new Web Stories plugin makes it super simple to create an eye-catching Story.
And you’ll want to know how to get the most SEO from it, plus caveats to avoid.

Full post – with any updates here http://bit.ly/tt200929ba
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This tutorial covers:
– How Web Stories Appear in Mobile Search
– Prep for Success – prepare these things beforehand
– – Title
– – Excerpt
– – Publisher Logo
– – Cover Image
– Create Your First Story
– Web Stories Interface Tour
– Editor Settings
– Web Stories Templates
– Stories Editor
– Unsplash Media
– Create a New, Blank Page
– Add an Image
– Add Text
– Layers
– Style the Text
– Save a Color
– Change Text Size
– Safe Zone
– Better Way to Change Font Size
– Padding
– Fill and Highlight
– Shapes and Layers
– Background Image
– Links and Buttons
– Google Link Guidelines
– Look at Template Media
– Tips for Making Stories
– Save a Story
– Document Mode
– Story Slug
– Page Advancement
– Publish Your Story
– View Story and Copy URL
– Embed Story in Post

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