How to Customize WordPress Post Excerpts | WordPress Excerpt Tutorial

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There are 3 ways to create post excerpts with WordPress. Learn how and why to use each method in this detailed WordPress video tutorial.

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Most WordPress themes display post excerpts on the blog. This text snippet is taken automatically from the beginning of the text. Your theme may allow you to adjust the number of words or characters included in automatic excerpts, but otherwise, you’ll want to use one of the custom excerpt options in WordPress.

The first way to create an entirely custom excerpt is to add a “more” tag (now a more “block” in the Gutenberg editor). This uses all of the content that displays before the more block. One point to recognize is that unlike automatic excerpts that strip out all HTML, the more block leaves the HTML intact. This means that images, heading, lists, and other elements will be included in an excerpt defined with the more block.

The other more customizable way of setting a post summary is to write a custom excerpt. You can find this option in the right sidebar of the post editor. The section is called Excerpt. When you craft a custom excerpt, you can write whatever text you’d like. This makes it the most effective way to create a post teaser that will help encourage more of your visitors to click on a post and read it.