WordPress Tutorials: How to Make a WordPress Website with Elementor | 2019 (Elementor Tutorial)

How to Make a WordPress Website with Elementor | 2019 (Elementor Tutorial)

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Learn how to make an awesome WordPress website using the Elementor page builder plugin with this step-by-step tutorial!

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Elementor Website Template:

Follow Along Images:


Other helpful videos:

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What website are we making? 0:37

Step #1: Secure Your Domain Name and Hosting 5:34

Step #2: Install WordPress 11:35

Step #3: Activate a New Theme 15:35

Step #4: Activate the Elementor Plugin 17:12

Step #5: Customize Your Website 18:59

Step #6: Add Your Contact Form 1:12:49

Step #7: Create a Header Menu 1:22:02

Step #8: Publish Your Website 1:35:01

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