WordPress Tutorials: How to setup AWS Lightsail LAMP instance for vanilla WordPress Sites

How to setup AWS Lightsail LAMP instance for vanilla WordPress Sites

Category: WordPress Tutorials

In this video I will walk you through setting up a basic vanilla WordPress site on a LAMP setup with Let’s Encrypt SSL and ability to host multiple sites on one instance.

🔗 link to tutorial details: https://www.webhostingforbeginners.net/how-to-setup-aws-lightsail-lamp-instance-for-vanilla-wordpress-sites/

⌚ Video Timestamps:
00:00 – Intro
02:03 – Create LAMP Lightsail Instance
02:45 – Setup Static IP and DNS Records
03:38 – Setup SSH Client to connect to server
06:13 – Get WordPress Files
07:48 – Setup Permissions
08:11 – Create HTTP VHOST File
09:00 – Create HTTPS VHOST File
09:55 – Create mysql database and user
11:45 – Setup Let’s Encrypt SSL Certs
14:27 – Install WordPress Wizard
16:40 – Setup Second WordPress site on same server
21:35 – Install WordPress Wizard on second website
22:39 – Conclusion/Summary

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