WordPress Tutorials: How to start a food blog tutorial for beginners | Step by step WordPress tutorial for beginners 2020

How to start a food blog tutorial for beginners | Step by step WordPress tutorial for beginners 2020

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Let’s do this! In this video I wanted to make it as easy a possible for you to learn how to build a food blog. I designed this as a WordPress tutorial for beginners, you don’t need any prior knowledge of building websites to take advantage of this tutorial.

The only think you need is a few hours of time and a desire to make an awesome recipe blog and share you cooking knowledge!

In this video we are using the Foodica WordPress theme which I have previously done a review for: https://youtu.be/srWAMZMPa9Q

How to remove the footer credit to WPZoom: https://www.wpzoom.com/docs/how-to-remove-designed-by-wpzoom-from-footer/

Here are some additional resources worth looking at:
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Hints on writing a great blog post that gets people to click thru! The video might seem a bit salesy, but it’s really good advice. https://youtu.be/Q8rN3JKqUc8

How to find blog post keywords and blog ideas:

Use the index below to skip ahead to the part that you want to watch.

0:00:00 – Introduction
0:12:18 – How to set up your email
0:16:27 – Adding an SSL Certificate to your website
0:18:24 – Introduction to WordPress
0:18:57 – Creating an Administration user in WordPress
0:22:52 – Start of look at dashboard
0:23:04 – How to adjust the look of the main dashboard
0:23:51 – Managing theme and plugin updates
0:24:19 – Where do you add a new blog post?
0:25:04 – How to add categories to your blog
0:26:22 – How to create and edit tags for you pages and blog posts
0:26:45 – WordPress Media manager
0:27:00 – Where do you add new pages to your WordPress website?
0:27:11 – Where do you manage comments on your WordPress website
0:27:50 – Managing themes in WordPress
0:29:34 – Managing widgets and widget areas in WordPress
0:30:44 – Managing website menues in WordPress
0:31:20 – Managing plugins and removing plugins
0:32:29 – Adjusting website settings in WordPress.
0:34:55 – Changing the default post category
0:36:33 – Blog comment settings
0:37:57 – Permalink settings
0:41:39 – Activating Jetpack
0:42:09 – Setting up Jetpack
0:45:42 – Set up Gravatar
0:48:06 – Installing our food blog theme
0:58:39 – Setting up the home page food blog
1:03:57 – Remove shopping cart button
1:04:12 – Home page settings
1:12:18 – Different Home Page looks
1:13:13 – How to set up the “full look”
1:16:47 – Start setting up the minimalist look
1:21:23 – Adding a sidebar to category pages
1:22:55 – How to set up ad spaces in theme
1:25:00 – Removing the Demo content.
1:25:30 – Final touches before finishing website.
1:26:09 – Setting up the sidebar widgets
1:28:34 – Customizing the styling of our website
1:31:24 – Remove WPZOOM footer credit
1:32:42 – Add affiliate disclosure to every blog post
1:34:58 – How to create a new blog post in WordPress
1:35:31 – Tour of the WordPress blog post editor
1:44:02 – Structuring your blog posts using heading tags
1:46:10 – Adding a recipe to our blog post with the Recipe card plugin
1:51:12 – How to create a reoccurring block using Gutenberg editor
1:52:21 – How to move content blocks on the page
1:52:56 – Adding new pages to your website
1:54:20 – Adding a link to our about page from the side bar
1:55:40 – How to create a website menu