How to Uninstall WordPress Multisite 🕵 Advanced WordPress Website Tutorial

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In this video, I’m going to show you How to Uninstall WordPress Multisite. This is an Advanced WordPress Tutorial. It’s recommended that you take a full backup of your website, both your database and files. You should use your favorite WordPress Backup Plugin or you can use Filezilla and PHPMyAdmin.

If you saw the video I created a couple of months ago on How to Install WordPress Multisite, you might have tried out the Advanced Version of WordPress and decided it’s not for you.

Here’s the first video on How To Install WordPress Multisite:

That’s why I created this video where I demonstrate how to properly Uninstall WordPress Multisite and Revert your WordPress Installation to a Single Site Install.

While this video is geared towards the Advanced WordPress User, this can also be a WordPress for Beginners Tutorial.

There are a few steps in the video and I recommend pausing the video when needed and also re-watching it if necessary.

Here are the Steps to Uninstall WordPress Multisite:
1. Take a Complete Backup
2. Deactivate all your Plugins
3. Log into your Control Panel and go to the File Manager.
4. Locate your wp-config.php file
5. Delete the Multisite code in your wp-config.php file then save the file.
6. Then go to your .htaccess file
Delete the Multisite code and replace with the single site code then save.
7. Go to PHPMyAdmin
8. Delete the 6 database tables associated with WordPress Multisite.

And that’s how you Uninstall WordPress Multisite. Hopefully you found this video tutorial.

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