How to Use Elementor in WordPress (Elementor Tutorial)

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In this step-by-step tutorial, I will show How to Use Elementor in WordPress

So what is Elementor?

Elementor is the popular page builder where we can design, create, edit and add elements to pages and blog posts

We can also import pre-made template available in Elementor’s library

Make sure you watched this video till the end so that you don’t miss any steps

So let’s begin


0:00 Intro
0:21 Install Elementor Plugin
1:00 How to use Elementor
2:18 How to add templates
4:51 How to save templates
5:25 How to add Elementor Elements (Widgets)
7:47 Explore Elementor settings

Let’s go to the first step

1. Install Elementor Plugin

To install Elementor Plugin

Go to the WordPress dashboard

Then go to the Plugins section

Click on Add new

Now search Elementor in search box

Click on Install Now

Then click Activate

Once plugin is installed

Let’s go to the next step

2. How to use Elementor

Now to use Elementor

First, we need to create a Page

To create a new page

Go to the Pages

Click on Add New

Now click on Edit with Elementor

a) Section Overview
b) Column Overview

3. How to add templates

Templates are pre-designed Pages and blocks and we can insert into any page just one click

To add templates to page

Click on this icon

Select template and click on Insert

Let’s go to the next step

4. How to save templates

You can even save this template to use in different pages

To save the templates

Click on this icon

Click on save

Then select Save as Template

Enter template name

Click Save

5. How to add Elementor Elements (Widgets)

To add widgets

Go to the Elementor widget section

Now select the widget you want or you can search widget in search box

Simply drag the element and drop here

Now let’s go to the next step

6. Explore Elementor settings

a) Revision History, Undo and Redo
b) Dark Mode
c) Responsive Mode
d) Elementor Layout
e) Preview & Publish your page

This is the way you can use the Elementor page builder in WordPress website

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