WordPress Tutorials: How To Use The Revolution Slider Plugin 5.4 – FULL TUTORIAL 2018

How To Use The Revolution Slider Plugin 5.4 – FULL TUTORIAL 2018

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Want To Learn How To Use The Slider Revolution, than this tutorial will help you master the slider revolution plugin For wordpress!
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The Revolution Slider is the #1 selling wordpress slider. The Revolution Slider has tons of features which allows your to create any kind of slider for your wordpress website. In this slider revolution tutorial, i run you through most of the options of the slider. We will create 3 sliders, in addition to create sliders for wordpress, i run you through the settings and options to help you create an amazing slider. I than go through mobile optimization to help you create a responsive slider that works on all devices!

You can also purchase the slider revolution templates here: https://darrelwilson.com/sladio

Here are the timestamps for the slider revolution tutorial:

7:41 – Setting Up The Sliders
11:33 – Adding Text To Sliders
14:00 – How To Add Line Height
19:30 – Adding Shapes And Labels
25:42 – Text Optimizations
27:35 Adding Buttons To Your Slider
36:22 – Setting up Links
43:16 – Setting Up Animations For Your Images
44:50 – Adding Objects to your slider
53:00 – Filters For Slider
57:20 – Timing Objects
1:03:27 Finishing the second slider
1:09:20: – the Ken Burns Effect
1:12:12 – Mobile Optimization For Slider
1:14:22 – Setting Up A Video Slider
1:18:10 – General Settings For Plugin
1:22:30 – Slider Animation
1:26:05 – Extras For The Slider Revolution

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