WordPress Tutorials: Speed Up WordPress in 2020: How to Make Your Website Load SUPER Fast🚀

Speed Up WordPress in 2020: How to Make Your Website Load SUPER Fast🚀

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This video shows you in-depth How to Speed up WordPress Website or How to Make your Website load FAST. TABLE OF CONTENTS:
0:01 How to Speed up Your Website – Intro, Importance & Overview
06:00 : how to control the elements that are loaded on the website
13:19 : Solve the “Leverage Browser Caching” Problem
14:28 : How to optimize your pictures on your website, Add caching to your site
16:48 : How to get resized pictures using Google PageSpeed Insights

Sites to check your speed:

This video will show step by step how to speed up WordPress websites, take them from very slow to very fast websites. You want to make your website load fast, but most guides are useless.

To fix slow load times, you need to find and eliminate bloat, but these videos don’t teach you how to do that.

I will show you how to find bloat elements with Chrome.

I show how I take a website from 7.8s to 2.1 seconds under 5 minutes.

This tutorial will teach you hidden optimizations which will significantly speed up ANY WordPress website.

I will show you how to fix WordPress website that run slowly. Fix these, and you’ll have a fast loading website:

1. Plugins (and WordPress core) loads scripts and styles and fonts: Identify them with Asset Cleanup Plugin
2. Reduce the large files (like images) that are loaded on the page – resulting in slow load times. Compress these files to speed things up with WP-Optimize Plugin.

What you should care about is not the letter grade but the load time.

The tutorial contains four primary steps:
– how to identify and eliminating bloat loaded by WordPress core and plugins
– how to identify images which should be compressed and compress them
– how to eliminate unneeded font files from being loaded
– how to verify your web hosting provider is delivering your page to visitors quickly

Get rid of bloat, reduce images, and your website will load LIGHTNING fast.

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