What are these WordPress plugins doing?! Using Query Monitor Plugin

Category: WordPress Tutorials

Installing WordPress plugins can have a dramatic impact on your WordPress website performance. The Query Monitor plugin can help you determine where the gaps in performance are.

Theme’s like Astra make it super-easy to set up fully designed and feature-rich sites in the matter of a few clicks — but what happens with all of those plugins?

The Query Monitor plugin will help you uncover what is loading behind the scenes to get a grasp on fine-tuning or troubleshooting a buggy site. This is a great tool for anyone looking to understand why their site might be running slow or getting into their first WordPress development role.

Query Monitor Plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/query-monitor/
Astra Theme https://plugintut.com/go/wpastra
Elementor https://plugintut.com/go/elementor

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