WordPress Tutorials: What is WordPress Permalink Setting | Urdu & Hindi | How to Learn

What is WordPress Permalink Setting | Urdu & Hindi | How to Learn

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What is WordPress Media Setting | Urdu & Hindi | How to Learn

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Wanna learn about WordPress in Hindi, then this course is made for you. Join this course to master your WordPress skills and then create your own Professional WordPress website. You will not learn any programming or coding in this course. WordPress doesn’t require any coding to build a website on it at Intermediate level.
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What you’ll learn
Can create your own website.
Can make WordPress website for others, by this I mean you can start freelancing.
Can create all kinds of commercial websites, using WordPress, to sell to clients
Can create pages and posts, and most importantly, know the difference between the two.
Can install WordPress on your PC, so you can learn without having to pay hosting or domain fees.
Can navigate around the WordPress dashboard, know what everything does and how to use it.
Can understand about plugins & themes and how to find and install them.
Can create a static homepage useful for most websites, or a blog like homepage useful for bloggers.
Can create a Responsive Website that looks good on any browser.
This course will teach you how to build a impressive, responsive site.
Can create affiliate sites from which you can make passive income.
Can create custom menus and navigation systems that both visitors and search engines will find useful.
Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
You don’t require knowledge of WordPress or any other language as everything will be covered in this course.
You will need a PC with a working Internet Connection to create your own WordPress website
Who this course is for:
Beginners who want to build their site on WordPress. WordPress is the best option for building your own website