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Hey guys here are some quick tips for SEO Basics for your blog. If you are unfamiliar with Search Engine Optimization(SEO), this article will definitely provide you with a better understanding on the subject.

For starters lets look at the title of this article. “SEO Basics”. Here will use the keyword phrase of our blog post is “SEO Basics” which actual help in the google rankings.

Search Engines will look for your keywords, so the article is geared to share the techniques that will increase you google ranks for your web pages of blogs.

Next lets look at our “header” are referred to as “H1 tag”, for this article at the top we have “Your Blog and SEO Basics”, the google bots crawl your page to I des it as it relates to what people are searching for.

Therefore using our key phrase in our “head tags” will improve our SEO score for this article. For an article or a blog you want crest 3 different “head tags”.

First like we just covered will be H1 tag for the beginning and then in the middle you will use H2 tag and at the closing paragraphs you can use the H3 tag. Being creative and figuring out ways to include your keyword or keyword phrase will improve article SEO score.

SEO Basics…., remember to use bold and italics

Use bold and italics for your keywords and keyword phrase to help your article or blog. The google bots look for these in your article and everything counts to increase you SEO score. If at all possible find ways to have your keywords and phases underlined.

Links and Alternative Text Tags

Now notice that you don’t want to over do it with you keywords and phrases, even though it would be a plus to have the keywords in the H2 tag, in my opinion this maybe come across spammy and we want to avoid that.

When placing links on your page you have and options to place “do follow” or “no follow” tags on these links. The purpose of a “do follow” is to pass on some of your link juice to the other site the linking is promoting.

A “nofollow” tag allows you to not have the google bots follow the link and keep your link juice…, but at the same time depending upon the site it could help you to have a “do follow” tag which can help you in the page rankings. So use half and half, some “do follow”, some “no follow.”


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Wordpress Tutorial & How to use SEO Pressor for WordPress Blog – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87rum54B2RU