Zombicide: Marvel – Questions and Answers

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Zombicide: Marvel – Questions and Answers

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There are *SO* many questions around this game! How will items work? Who are the abominations? Those and more are questions that need answering. I might have some, but not all. What are your questions?

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0:00 Intro
1:41 Galactus preview
2:00 How will weapons/items work?
4:09 Will we only get zombies for some heroes/villains?
6:04 Who will be the walkers/runners/fatties/Abombs?
7:34 How will power level differences be handled?
11:36 Some answers.
13:13 Will CMON lie about Galactus too?
15:33 Will Galactus be playable?
16:50 Will this be on Kickstarter?
18:54 Outro